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DUBA: A Deubiquitinase that Regulates Type I Interferon Production

The Deubiquitinating Enzyme A (DUBA) turns out to be a negative regulator of innate immune responses. A recent study conducted by N. Kayagaki from the biotech business firm Genentech (USA) discovered the deubiquitinating enzyme with the ovarian tumor domain as regulator of IFN type 1 production, which is a crucial host defense, caused by pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs) of the innate immune system.
A reduction of DUBA increased the PRR-induced IFN type 1 (IFN-1) response. DUBA was also found to bind , an E3 ligase and essential for the IFN-1 response. DUBA cleaved which led to the dissociation of the protein from the signalling complex containing -binding kinase 1. DUBA efficiently deubiquitinates and hence suppresses IFN-1.

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