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Essential function for the calcium sensor STIM1 in mast cell activation and anaphylactic responses

The Ca2+-binding endoplasmic reticulum protein was discovered to be pivotal for function. Yoshihiro Baba and colleagues from the RIKEN Research Center for Allergy and Immunology in Japan observed fetal liver-derived with defective and found out that they had impaired Ca2+ influx due to high-affinity receptor and activation of the transcription factors and . Those also showed reduced degranulation and production after stimulation.

act as effectors of allergic inflammatory diseases, mediated by . The inflammatory mediators are secreted by upon stimulation by Ca2+ influx. Experiments showed that alterations in expression affected the sensitivity of -mediated immediate-phase anaphylactic responses in vivo.

Apparently promotes Ca2+ influx, thus controlling activation and anaphylaxis through .

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