Fighting fire with fire: Virus-like Vaccine against Influenza Virus

Developing effective measures against remains a high priority due to the threat of a lethal outbreak as the birds are to return from their winter residencies. Vaccines based on influenza virus-like particles (VLP) have been viewed as a promising path to developing an effective measure against this danger.

However the immune responses triggered by VLPs have not been studied in depth. Quan and his colleagues from the Emory University School of Medicine (Atlanta) therefore studied the immunogenicity, long-term cross-protective efficacy, and effects on lung pro-inflammatory cytokines for VLP containing influenza A/PR8/34 () hemagglutinin (HA) and matrix (M1) proteins in mice. Mice which where infected with HA-VLP were protected from a lethal challenge and showed little to no pro-inflammatory lung cytokines. All in all the results of this study underpin the promise of VLP-based vaccines against avian influenza.

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