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Systemic Leukocyte-Directed siRNA Delivery reveals Cyclin D1 as an Anti-Inflammatory Target

A recent study conducted by the Harvard Medical School reveals to be a potential anti-inflammatory target.

is an important cell cycle-regulatory molecule and an established therapeutic target for cancer. has been observed to be strongly up-regulated at sites of inflammation, so the scientists selectively silenced in in vivo. Their approach included targeted stabilised nanoparticles (tsNPs) that were loaded with -small interfering RNA (siRNA) and antibodies directed against that were used to detect the specific subsets involved in gut inflammation. -tsNP-delivered -siRNA successfully silenced in and could cure experimentally induced colitis in mice by suppressing proliferation and T helper cell 1 cytokine expression. The application of similar methodologic approaches with siRNA may be effective in other experimental settings as well.

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