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Beta-catenin stabilization extends regulatory T cell survival and induces anergy in nonregulatory T cells

If a stable form of the important pathway molecule is expressed on T regulatory (Treg) cells, cell survival is markedly increased in vitro. This was reported by a lab group from the New York University School of Medicine (USA).

Stable -expressing Treg cells were also observed to outcompete control Treg cells in vivo while the number of Treg cells necessary for protection against inflammatory bowel disease was significantly lower when stable -expressing Treg cells were used instead of control Treg cells. Under circumstances with stable expression in potentially pathogenic CD25- , the cells were inactive. This -dependent inactivity could even be seen in -deficient . Stabilisation of therefore seems to have a strong effect on prevention of inflammatory disease by increasing survival of already existing regulatory and through the the unresponsiveness of T effector cell precursors.

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