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Evidence for Editing of Human Papillomavirus DNA by APOBEC3 in Benign and Precancerous Lesions

Cytidine deaminases of the APOBEC3 family are all specific for single-stranded DNA. These are exposed during replication or transcription of double-stranded DNA. In human and skin three APOBEC3 genes are expressed: hA3A, hA3B and hA3H. They can be used to detect genetic editing of () DNA.

In HPV1a plantar warts and precancerous cervical biopsies, hyperedited HPV1a and genomes were found. Transfection experiments with HPV plasmid DNA and the three enzymes hA3A, hA3C, and hA3H led to similar results. Stochastic or transient overexpression of APOBEC3 genes may expose the genome to a broad spectrum of mutations and might therefore have an influence on tumour development.

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