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NALP3 inflammasome is involved in the innate immune response to amyloid-beta

The inflammasome of cytoplasmic receptor was identified by Annett Halle and her colleagues from the University of Massachusetts (USA) as a sensor of in a process in which is phagocytosed, followed by lysosomal damage and the release of .

The fibrillar peptide is one of the key players in the pathogenesis of . () is the main in the response to . is released when insoluble materials like crystals activate the inflammasome.

The pathway was also found to be required for the microglial product of proinflammatory and neurotoxic factors. Together with the inflammasome and , was of great importance for the recruitment of microglia to exogenoud in the brain.

The activation of the inflammasome presents itself as responsible for and tissue damage in .

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