Heat-Shock Protein (HSP) 70 drives protein transport in Chloroplasts

functions as a driver of protein translocation into mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticulum. Whether Hsp70 is involved in protein import into chloroplasts has recently been addressed in a study performed on plants. Arabidopsis thaliana knockout mutants of different isoforms of were found to be defective in protein import into chloroplasts during early developmental stages. The study in The Plant Cell utilized one of the anti-Hsp70 antibodies available on antibodies-online.

Heat shock proteins (HSP) support the maintenance of three dimensional structures of proteins for instance by protecting them from denaturation due to heat. Many Heat shock proteins belong to the family of chaperons which play a role in protein translocation, and folding and assembly, also under standard conditions. helps to maintain the unfolded condition of target proteins.

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