Protein kinase BGLF4 in the replication of Epstein-Barr-Virus

Ganciclovir (GCV) and acyclovir (ACV) are guanine nucleoside analogues that inhibit lytic herpesvirus replication. In order to investigate the underlying mechanisms of these drugs in the treatment of Epstein-Barr virus infections, a recent study in the Journal of Virology utilized an antibody against the protein kinase BGLF4 that is available at antibodies-online.
The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), also called human herpesvirus 4 (HHV-4), is a cancer-causing virus of the herpes family. The double stranded virus is denominated after its discoverers Michael Epstein and Yvonne M. Barr. There is strong evidence that the virus plays an important role in the pathogenesis of multiple autoimmune diseases as well as lymphoproliferative disorders and cancers, such as Hodgkin's disease, Burkitt's lymphoma, nasopharyngeal carcinomas, and central nervous system lymphomas that are associated with HIV.