Future pandemics challenges the vaccine market

For many years there had been a decline in the development of new vaccines to treat some of the world most common diseases. Very often research and development being slow, trials being unsuccessful, and vaccines not being well received discouraging pharmaceutical companies. However by the turn of the century with the development of new technologies, production and research methods, and the need to provide the ever expanding world population with solutions to health concerns the industry has expanded and reversed its declining trend.
There have been substantial breakthroughs in research and development of vaccines to treat some of the most critical illnesses and diseases, as a result the future role of vaccines to treat outbreaks of diseases still play a very important role, much more so after recent outbreaks of diseases like swine flu. This has renewed interest in the development of next generation of vaccines.

Some of the leading pharmaceutical companies are increasing spending on the research and development of next generation vaccines which aim to cure the most common diseases and provide hope to millions as well as allowing them diversify their product portfolio to other parts of the world where there may be a greater need for vaccinations.

Fleming Europe’s conference on Next Generation Vaccines will take place at Hilton in Vienna, Austria on the 24th and 25th February 2011. It will be an opportunity to meet experts in the field. Paneled speakers include Michel Zaffran from WHO and Dr Satish D. Ravetkar from Serum Institute of India, who will be speaking about ideal attributes for vaccines for use in low and middle income countries. Dr Mansour Yaich from PATH will focus on maximizing vaccine accessibility benefits through strategic public - private partnerships, affordability and intellectual property. Together with representatives from four associations as well as world leading pharmaceutical companies such as Merck & Co., Novartis, Pfizer, Abbott Biologicals B.V.

Take part in a pre-conference workshop which will discuss accelerating the development process, consisting of all the crucial parts within the vaccine lifecycle. From research and development, labeling, supply chain management, to marketing strategies, and getting the final product to the end customer.

Industry professionals will also highlight how to prepare and plan for future pandemics. It will be a chance to improve commercial networks and to seek new business opportunities.

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