14 - 16 September 2011, The Ritz Carlton, Seoul Korea

Conference: Your gateway to the Rare Disease market in Asia

The pharmaceutical industry’s interest for rare diseases has increased recently due to thinning pipelines, impending patent expirations and minimal market competition of developing orphan drugs.
Asia, being the most populous continent, offers the biggest patient pools to global Pharmas and Specialty Biotechs to develop and commercialise these ultra-niche yet high value therapeutics. However to successfully compete, companies need to have an in-depth knowledge of regulatory framework, pricing & reimbursement and distribution channels.
World Orphan Drug Congress Asia 2011 is where international and local pharmas, biotechs, regulators, MOH, investors and technology providers to address the challenges, discuss opportunities and strategise best business models and international collaboration in gaining a foothold in the Asian market.

Over 30 leading pharmas, biotechs, patient advocacy groups, government organisations and more across Asia and globally have been confirmed for the event. Distinguished speakers include:
  • Michael Glynn, Senior Vice President and Regional President, Japan-Asia Pacific, Genzyme, Singapore
  • Hyun Min Gu, Head of Information, Management Division, Korea Orphan Drug Center, KFDA, Korea
  • Jin-San Yoo, President and CEO, PharmAbcine, Korea
  • Masaru Iwasaki, Managing Director, Vice President, Development & Medical Affairs Division, GlaxoSmithKline, Japan
  • Ying Luo, President & CEO, GNI and Shanghai Genomics, China
  • Chaya Mazouz, Vice President of Clinical & Regulatory Affairs, Pluristem Therapeutics, Israel
  • Yoyo Wang, Founder & Director, China-Dolls Center for Rare Disorders, China
  • Bing Bing Lin, Vice President, Asia Operations, NAL Pharmaceuticals Ltd.; Professor, Chung Gung University; Former Principal Senior Researcher, The Center for Drug Evaluation, Department of Health, Taiwan
  • Aki Nakaoka, Vice President, Supporting Organization for Patients with Rare Diseases (SORD), Japan
  • Prasanna Kumar B. Shirol, President & Karnataka State Coordinator, Lysosomal Storage Disorders Support Society (LSDSS), India

And more!

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