October 11th - 27th, 2011

Regenerative Medicine: Barriers to commercialisation online summit 2011

Pharma IQ's new Regenerative Medicine and Barriers to Commercialisation Online Summit brings together a truly global audience. Biotechs, big pharma, academics, VCs and legal experts will be able to share best practices and solutions all from the comfort of your own desk.
In order to accommodate your schedule, we have spread this event over the course of a three weeks into 3 hour sessions so that you may attend at your convenience. Simply log in to 3 sessions, twice a week. Presentations will also be recorded and available on-demand so if you miss one, you will always have an opportunity to catch up!

Registration is now open!

Go online: https://www.regenerativemedonline.com/abonline
Call: +44 (0)207 368 9300
Email: customerservices@pharma-iq.com

Driving innovation and collaborations in regenerative medicine to enhance clinical development, meet GMP requirements and get therapies to market

15 Modules, 3 weeks, 0 travel, 0 time out of the office = flexible learning for your whole team