Date: January 29 - 30, 2012

2nd Annual Clinical Trials in Oncology Conference

Cancer is the fastest growing healthcare priority within the pharmaceutical industry worldwide and is of great commercial importance. With over 20 million new strands of cancer predicted to evolve in 2025, (according to the WHO), it corresponds that research devoted to improving the treatment of oncology is set to increase exponentially.
Gain competitive advantage whilst learning about the role of safety biomarkers in clinical trials!

Optimizing trial development in order to speed approval time and improve operational efficiency continues to be one of the major themes being discussed at Fleming Europe's 2nd Annual Clinical Trials in Oncology Conference which is once again bringing you two days of ground-breaking debate and pioneering case-studies from top industry, regulatory and association experts. We will be discussing key issues such as:
  • Proof-of-Concept Approaches in Oncology Clinical Development with Alan Barge, Chief Medical Officer at Asian Pharmaceuticals
  • The crucial role of biomarkers with Rob Berg, Director of Experimental Medicine Oncology at MSD and Matteo Dionisi, Medical Director at IPSEN
  • Safety & Efficiency Assessment of new drugs and how to increase efficiency of drug development with Alain van Gool, Professor and Head Molecular Profiling at MSD

This unique event offers participants the opportunity to meet and discuss these current issues as well as network with fellow professionals. With over 15 high profile speakers and panellists from across Europe, North America and Asia this conference is one not to be missed!
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