Beginning of the End for Traditional Antibodies? - Lab Times mentions antibodies-online

Until recently, we have taken advantage of natural ways to make antibodies, by raising immunity in living animals and harvesting the antibodies. But the scientific community is losing patience with the limitations of this approach. (...)

(...) All the same, antibody suppliers are starting to explore the alternative binder market. (...) Stefan Pellenz, Project Manager Independent Validation for Antibodies-Online, agrees that while polyclonals have had thier day, recombinant monoclonals will be with us for a while yet. "That beeing said", muses Pellenz, "antibodies are likely to be phased out as more and more, better alternatives are becoming available - at least in certain applications like intracellular staining or imaging of solid tumours. So, the proteomics market is going to change in the long run. And as the market change in the long run. And as the market change accordingly, to satisfy the needs of our customers." (...)